by Telesur | August 11th 2016

Communities in Guatemala have repeatedly voiced their opposition to a Tahoe Resources silver mine. The company chose to ignore it … and worse.


Canadian mining giant Tahoe Resources came under fresh fire Thursday for bulldozing human rights in Guatemala as two organizations filed a complaint in the United States calling for a probe into whether Tahoe executives lied to investors.

The California-based Network in Solidarity with Guatemala (Nisgua) and the Guatemalan Diocesan Committee in Defense of Nature (Codidena), represented by the Canada-based Justice and Corporate Accountability Project, submitted a 36-page report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the federal agency that oversees financial securities laws. The report details why Tahoe should face careful scrutiny and be held liable under U.S. law for failing to disclose to investors key details about local community opposition and human rights concerns swirling around the contentious Escobal silver mine.

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