Xinka Parliament denounces Pan American Silver for violating court order

For the original press release in Spanish, click here. The Xinka People make it known to the public:  That the “Escobal” mining project, now owned by the entity Pan American Silver Guatemala, has been suspended since June 22, 2017,

Report: Advances in Escobal Mine Consultation Overshadowed by Constitutional Crisis in Guatemala

More than two years after the court ordered a consultation with the Xinka Indigenous people over the future of the Escobal silver mine, the process has yet to move beyond the first stage. Political and constitutional crises, as well

Interview with Byron Estuardo Paredes (PDH) on the ways mining violates Indigenous rights

The office of the Guatemalan Human Rights Ombudsperson (PDH) is accompanying the Xinka Parliament as it fights to uphold a Constitutional Court ruling ordering the Xinka be consulted on the Escobal mine.   On September 3, 2018, the Constitutional Court

Xinka Parliament Announces Breakthrough in Escobal Mine Consultation Process, Rejects Pan American Silver’s Bad Faith

On October 15, 2020, the Xinka Parliament announced that Guatemalan authorities have finally recognized their representatives elected to participate in a consultation on the Escobal silver mine. Along with other agreements, this breakthrough could allow the court-ordered process over

The Government of Guatemala and the Xinka Parliament agree to start pre-consultation process over the Escobal mining project in the department of Santa Rosa

Click here for the original statement in Spanish. After resuming dialogue in February 2020 between the Xinka Parliament of Guatemala and the Ministry of Energy and Mines, an agreement has been reached to restart activities toward a consultation with


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