February 16, 2018

The following information was published by the Xinca Parliament regarding the misreporting by local news sources, which are alleging the “detention” of two Tahoe Resources/Minera San Rafael executives in a community in Santa Rosa. The original publication can be found in its entirety at the bottom of the page. The translation by NISGUA is as follows:

(Santa Rosa/Jalapa/Jutiapa) URGENT URGENT! We reject this clear attempt by Minera San Rafael [subsidiary of Tahoe Resources] to provoke communities, acting against the legal resolution [suspending mining operations], they continue to work and challenge communities. That situation motivated residents to ask the two people from Minera San Rafael [and Tahoe Resources] to sign an agreement that they promise to stop entering into their territories. There have been no attempts to harm them in any moment, as has been misreported to the public.

We reject the biased declarations made by the Chamber of Industry and by José Valdizan of Emisoras Unidas, Prensa Libre and other media outlets which are attempts to blame and pressure the Constitutional Court.

We call on the National Civil Police and the Ombudsman for Human Rights to enact the correct protocol to resolve this conflict and call for both parties’ human rights to be respected.

Original publication in Spanish:

URGENTE URGENTE! Rechazamos la clara provocación de Minera San Rafael a las Comunidades, pues aún contra una resolución judicial, siguen trabajando y retando a las Comunidades, situación que provocó que la población esta pida 2 personeros de Minera San Rafael firmen un acta de compromiso para no seguir entrando a sus territorios, en ningún momento se ha intentado agredirles, cómo se ha mal informado a la población.

Rechazamos las declaraciones tendenciosas del representante de la Cámara de Industria y José Valdizan en Emisoras Unidas, Prensa Libre y otros medios de comunicación, pues tratan de culpar y presionar a la Corte de Constitucionalidad.

Hacemos un llamado a la PDH y PNC para que se usen los protocolos adecuados para resolver este conflicto y que se respeten los DDHH de ambas partes.


For full press release, click here.