The Xinka People of Guatemala

In light of the anonymous invitation circulated in the last week to a meeting with “representatives of Minería San Rafael to discuss the issues of care, maintenance, and commitments in compliance with the provisions made by Guatemala’s Supreme Court of Justice”


The “Communities in Resistance” for the defense of our territory — as we have historically done in each of our communities according to our own forms of organizing and since we have erected the peaceful encampment in the municipality of Casillas, Santa Rosa — make decisions in assembly, always promoting peaceful actions and full respect for the law. 

Whenever we convene any activity, our invites are always duly signed and sealed and, with full transparency, clearly explain the reason for the activity and the person(s) responsible. 

As communities in resistance, we have always rejected meeting with Minera San Rafael S.A., owned by Pan American Silver, as we are completely clear that consultation with Indigenous peoples as regulated by ILO Convention 169 and our own legislation must be between Indigenous peoples and the government. 

Specifically, in the case of Minera San Rafael’s mining project, the September 3, 2018 Constitutional Court Ruling (case 4785-2017) established that the consultation must be between the authorities of the Xinka People and the government.

Based on the above, we reiterate that WE HAVE NOT CALLED for any meeting between authorities of the Xinka People, the Municipalities, the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima, and much less with representatives of Minera San Rafael S.A.

Therefore, we ask that the population not let themselves be deceived or surprised by anonymous invitations, carried out by people with bad intentions who have taken it upon themselves — possibly in collaboration with Minera San Rafael S.A. — to hinder the consultation process with the Xinka people and generate unrest. 

Guatemala, September 20, 2020