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The Xinka Parliament of Guatemala makes the following opinion known to the public: 

In our role as the representative organization of the Xinka People of Guatemala, we are speaking out against the 2021 budget that was approved by Congress behind closed doors. 


  1. We disapprove of the multi-million dollar loans that jeopardize future generations and plunge the country into misery and poverty, given that the loans are not administered with transparency. 
  2. We reject the shameless actions of the State, which uses the tragedies of Guatemalans to steal from and plunder the public treasury. 
  3. We invite all Guatemalans to raise their voices and carry out actions to help curb corruption in the country. 
  4. We condemn all repression by police forces against peaceful demonstrators who have rejected the 2021 budget and we demand that our constitutional rights be guaranteed. 
  5. We demand that in a prompt and timely manner, the State of Guatemala attend to the needs of those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and those who have been affected by the tropical storms that have hit the country.
  6. We demand the President of the Republic VETO THE 2021 BUDGET, which only pushes the country further into debt. We ask that he guarantee our rights to demonstration. 

The time has come for our citizens to rescue Guatemala from the co-optation of the State which has, for years, committed so much harm in this country. 

November 19, 2020